Extra Resources and Links

The following are some additional resources and links you might find helpful. Many of these have assisted with content for my book, or inspired the work I do, and in some cases have programs specially targeting healthy families and children.

Fab to be Fit Foundation  Foundation Founder Mr Kevin Moultrie and Director of Transform-US-Fitness Kids

Phil Anderson Cycling as Phil Anderson OAM is the Fab to be Fit National Ambassador

Roslyn Saunders  – Power of No – Addiction and Co-Dependency Expert + Coach https://www.facebook.com/roslynsaundersaddictioncoach

Link to Ros’ book Emotional Sobriety 

The Root Cause https://therootcause.com.au/  Bel and Israel Smith are founders and creators of the Mad Food Science Incursion 

Bel Smith Author of the Lunchbox Effect 2020 https://therootcause.com.au/thelunchboxeffect/

Louise Elliott Health nutritionist and entertainer  founder of Kids Get Healthy Program  and author of the Amazing Army Kids Book and Show 

The Good Foundation, Siobhan Boyle – CEO – provider of the Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food and J Learn your Fruit and Veg program


Macushla Collins Content Coach and author of 7 Day Book Blueprint 

Other Dr Koala favourite resources to support families on their Ride to Life and the 2020 Family Health Challenge

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

Dr Susan Albers – Guru with wonderful resources on Mindful Eating for children and adults

Professor Clare Collins – No Money No Time 

Joe Wicks – The Body Coach for fun physical activity for children and adults.

Meditation for Health and Well-being see and the David Lynch Foundation

Children’s and Nature Network co- founded by author Richard Louv, who introduced the term “Nature-Deficit Disorder” in 2005 with the publication of his best-selling book, “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder.”

Total leadership  – Professor Stew Friedman,  is an organizational psychologist at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he has been on the faculty since 1984. He is the creator of the  Total Leadership books and program and co-author of his just published book  “Parents who Lead”

Glycaemic Index Foundation founded by Professor Jenny Brandt at University of Sydney

Dr (Professor ) David Ludwig, Author of “ Ending the Food Fight” and Always Hungry” and clinical paediatric endocrinologist-scientist and child obesity expert at Boston’s Childrens’ Hospital and Harvard University, MA,USA.