Does Obesity Affect Your Family’s Health and Happiness?

If your  child is very overweight, they could be leading an unhappy life, not to mention already on the road to poor mental and physical health.

 This can be very stressful for them and for your whole family. But this does not have to be your family’s inevitable life story!

Answer this . . .

The "Kids' Health Program: 2020 Family Health Challenge" in Australia was a program designed to combat family and childhood obesity in a fun and achievable way like Sol Casino games. is a good platform for both new and experienced players.

. . . Are they fighting boredom, bullies, or broken hearts?

. . . Do meal times involve arguments over food?

. . . Have family fun times become few and far between?

. . . Are you at your wits end to stop this downward spiral?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Things have to change, and the changes need to be achievable, and welcomed by all.

Which is why the 2020 Family Health Challenge was born.

It’s a clever and fun way of combatting obesity and diabetes, and bringing your family closer together.

In fact your family will be rewarded every time you Play Together, Eat Together and Exercise Together.

What is the 2020 Family Health Challenge?

The 2020 Family Health Challenge is designed to help combat the issues of family and childhood obesity in an achievable and rewarding way.

For the whole decade commencing 2020, we’re challenging families everywhere to become part of a new trend – revisiting the old trends of togetherness in the kitchen, the dining table, the back yard, and the playground.


Who’s behind it?

The challenge was devised by renowned pediatric endocrinologist, Dr Gary Leong (also known as Dr Koala) who specialises in the treatment of children suffering with obesity and diabetes and its complications.

He’s also the author of the inspirational book - Ride to Life. A no-nonsense program for breaking your family's cycle of obesity and connecting to a happier healthier life. (Click image to access Amazon Kindle or Print options.)


Who’s it for?

  • It’s for every mum, dad and child who wants to improve the health and happiness of every member of their family, no matter where you live or what your circumstances may be.
  • Its for every mum and dad who want to share time with their kids and share real food, indulge in fun activities and build new habits for a healthier future.
  • Its for every mum and dad who knows that a challenge (think game) with rewards for achievement is a sure-fire way to get the kids involved.

What results can you expect?

  • Imagine your kids’ life when they are more confident, healthier and a lot happier.
  • Imagine your dinner table where everyone enjoys eating the same meal at the same time, and catching up with each other’s news.
  • Imagine your future as happy parents when you all play together, exercise together and eat together regularly.

Whilst it might sound like an old episode of the Waltons or Happy Days, it is totally achievable.