Exercise together

If you can make time to get out for a short walk together, or play in the park, beach, practice sport together, you’ll benefit not just from the physical exercise, but also from the bonds you can strengthen by doing these things together.  Here’s some ideas for how to include exercising together as a family.

1. Kids' yoga

Kids’ yoga is an amazing blend of body movement and mindful practice


2. Community resources

Low-cost opportunities for fun physical activity are in most towns and cities throughout Australia. PCYC, YMCA and Scouts are examples, as are other local kids’ gymnasium fitness programs

3. Get to school on foot or two wheels together

Walk or scooter together as part or all of your journey to school as often as possible. Could you take a hillier or more challenging route?


4. Fun family weekend activity or adventure

Join family fun runs or charity walks to add even more purpose into your play and provide that extra motivation.