Eat together

Here are some simple ways you can encourage your family to eat together more.

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1. Create a vegie patch together

A simple and fun activity for the whole family is starting a basic vegie patch in the backyard. Even a couple of tomato plants in pots on the balcony is a good start. Getting your child involved in the planting may encourage them to be more interested in eating the produce once it’s served up on the plate.See Community Garden.


2. Set boundaries around mealtimes

No TV and no phones or tablets at the table. Mealtime should be a device free time.

3. Establish firm rules about having conversation

Come ready to talk about the topic of the day, or report on your highlights or low-points of the day so you can discuss them as a family. Support each other and celebrate together through daily ups and downs.


4. Encourage eating slowly

Set the timer, so even if someone finishes early they don’t leave the table until everyone has finished their meals.

5. Encourage meal preparation together

Begin by encouraging your child to take ownership of one meal a week, from picking the recipe to helping you in the kitchen.


Dr Gary’s four tips for breaking the cycle of obesity:


Rainbow fresh foods


Simple unprocessed food


Mostly plant based food


Keep meal sizes moderate

For more on eating well and ways you can improve your family’s eating habits, and start to break the cycle of obesity in your family, check out Gary’s top tips for healthy eating HERE.