Join the 2020 Family Health Challenge

and see your family become healthier, closer and happier

Changing habits, particularly for children, will only work if they’re motivated in a fun way, rewarded for their efforts and you commit and participate.

The 2020 Challenge makes it easy to get going and stay on track.

Yummy kid friendly recipes

A rewards game to keep your child motivated

Fun activities to get everyone off the couch

Caring community forum for sharing and support

Online consultations with Dr Koala

As well as lunchbox ideas, menu guides and the motivational Star Rewards program, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive Facebook community group where members encourage and support each other with their healthy family journey.  Dr Koala also joins in with the FB Community, and runs monthly online clinics where you can learn more about combatting obesity and changing habits, and get answers to your questions.


We have enjoyed this challenge, and it’s become a way of life for us.  The Star Rewards Program is amazing and has really motivated the kids (and us) to eat better, do new things and take responsibility for our health.  Just love it.  Sally Smith, Wollongong

How do you get started?


Join the 2020 Family Health Challenge to access Dr Koala’s free resources. You’ll also find a whole lot more information in the book, Ride to Life


Once you’ve joined, you’ll get access to the menus, shopping lists and recipes. and you can start to introduce healthier dishes, and organize family mealtimes where you try them out together.


Every month have a review meeting, and ask each family member to commit to a new “Just One Thing” rule. Keep track of their commitment and include it in their Star Rewards Tracking.


Download and print the Star Rewards Program tracking sheet and encourage your kids to start earning points. It’s easy and fun and the best way to keep the whole family motivated.

What’s involved in participating?

To change habits and move to a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to take small steps each week so your family gets use to the changes and don’t push back.

  1. Record: It’s important to start the month off with recording weight and measurements and setting tasks
  2. Motivate: Get everyone involved in setting their own (achievable) goals for the next four weeks.
  3. Measure: Award points for specific activities, and track everyone’s progress – see One Thing Rules
  4. Celebrate: At the end of each month review progress together and reward your family members when they achieve goals and stick to the One Thing rules.
  5. Share: Participate in the community forum and join in with the monthly consultations with Dr Koala. Get help with concerns and share all the wins, no matter small (you finally got your child to eat tomato!)